About the Founder

My name is Mike Kane, and I specialize in finding, promoting, and building brands on QVC. I devote HOURS every day specifically to finding the next “Big Hit” items, and go through hundreds of products per week. I am always targeting products that are unique, and solve your everyday problems. Unfortunately, not all of these amazing products can be featured on QVC so I wanted to bring them to you through this blog. This blog is a journey with me as I connect with new products, brands, and the entrepreneurs behind them.


The goal of this blog is to review and inform my audience of the products I have come across in my search for the next “Big Hit”. After reading through my posts you should be adequately informed of the benefits these products provide to you, and the value these products can bring to your life. I aim to eventually have live demonstrations for each product reviewed, but let’s take one step at a time here. As I partner with more brands and products I hope to become a strong affiliate marketing partner.

What Makes a Product or Brand Special?

The Big Three


Uniqueness quite literally means there are no other products or brands like it. The product creates a category of its own.


Solution speaks to how efficiently a product with solve a given problem. The more prevalent the problem the larger the potential solution.


Brands can born out of the necessity to solve some a the world’s largest problems. Think about how brands can contribute to charities and Non-Profits to make an impact.

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