The Dyson Supersonic


The Ultimate beauty tool. For Everyone.

A History of Innovation

Dyson is a company known for taking the everyday appliance and re-engineering it into a modern technical marvel. In fact, it is THE company. They take the ordinary and make it into the extraordinary. This has been their creative and business plan for the past two decades with their vacuums, and they have succeeded in every sense of the word. The combination of beautiful design, state of the art engineering, and raw power has made them a household name. Dyson has become not only a market leader in their industry, but they serve as a pillar of engineering and creativity across all categories. Simply stated, if it works for Dyson other companies will follow and try to emulate. Dyson has become synonymous with excellence, and its brand garners a rare trust that is hard to earn from today’s critical consumers.

The Next Frontier – Beauty

While not necessarily new to the beauty scene as of December 2019, Dyson has been focusing on building and expanding this section of their business adamantly. They have once again taken a normal, everyday, and often over looked appliance (the hairdryer) and re-engineered it into a beautiful, smart appliance everyone who CARES about their hair should have. This, of course, is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. I encourage you take a look here -> (

Why the Supersonic?

Smart – Efficient – Safe – Power

The Supersonic is an incredible piece of beauty equipment for all types of hair. Packed into this small piece of equipment is an absolute ton of technology. It is SPECIFICALLY made to replace numerous hair styling tools, and to deliver the heated air to the scalp in a safe, powerful stream of air. Dyson uses a form of their Air Multiplier technology to efficiently move and accelerate a small amount of air into an almost gale force power of wind. The Supersonic’s digital V9 motor creates a powerful air flow and is then combined with a built-on intelligent heat control system, which is monitored by a microprocessor that measures the air temperature an amazing 20 times per second. This microprocessor monitors the air and regulates the heat to ensure you will never damage your hair while drying. Also, the Supersonic’s powerful V9 motor will dry your hair faster than any other hair dryer while also keeping your hair safe from heat damage. Running late in the morning? No worries, the The Supersonic will allow you to quickly dry your hair. It gives you something back that may be even more valuable than your hair. Your time. Forgot your straightener? No worries, the heat from the Supersonic will give you beautiful, healthy straight hair.

By the numbers

According to Dyson, the Supersonic can help; increase shine up to 64%, decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%, and help increase smoothness by up 40%. Yes, that’s right. A hair dryer, NOT a hair product, can do all of these awesome things for your hair.

Who to Buy For?

This is definitely a considered purchase. Like other Dyson products, this top of the line products commands a top price. That being said, this is easily one of the most sought after gifts this holiday season for EVERYONE. It is one of those items that once you use it you will never use another hair dryer again. This is for your mom, wife, daughter, son, grandmother, and everyone in between. They deserve the gift of a healthy hair and scalp. They deserve to have their hair routine made easier.

Where to Buy? #RewardedByQVC

Dyson is widely available everywhere, but currently I would highly recommend checking QVC. As of right now (December 13th, 2019) the Dyson Supersonic is their TSV, and includes several tools for a screaming good price. Check out the limited time price here ( I expect this to sell out soon so please check soon. Amazon, as usual, is also a great place to pick up your new or refurbished Supersonic. Price is here (

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