Health Brand on the Rise

At the intersection of health and technology TESPO finds its niche.

Watch for 2020

TESPO is a health and wellness company focusing on vitamin and consumables market. TESPO is based in Michigan, and founded by Ted Mills. Ted spent a majority of his early career in finance, and managed an investment fund for Manoj Bhargava (CEO of 5 Hour Energy). After several years in this field he decided to take his talents elsewhere and solve one of the vitamin industry’s largest problems. Currently, approximately 40% of the American population is AVERSE to or CANNOT consume pills in their traditional form. This stat, coupled with the traditional American diet, means a vast swath of the population is not getting their daily recommended doses of numerous vitamins and minerals. On top of both of these problems, vitamins in their traditional pill form contain numerous binding agents to help them retain their shape. These fillers, including Titanium Dioxide, and whiteners could have potentially negative side effects, such as an upset stomach. Wouldn’t it be great to easily get your daily dose of excellently-sourced vitamins easily without swallowing several pills with strange binding agents?


TESPO is the next “Big Hit” brand poised to take off in 2020. They are aiming to have a TESPO on every kitchen counter, and bring their healthy, pure vitamins to millions across the nation. Remember how Keurig revolutionized the coffee maker with easy single use cups? TESPO is doing this for the vitamin industry, and accomplishing a next level consumer experience like no other supplement company has done before them.

Does the look and shape remind you of a Keurig coffee dispenser? Good, because it should. TESPO has partnered with some of the same engineers that made Keurig so sleek, and functional to bring you a seamless vitamin experience that looks great on your kitchen counter. With their combination of technology and ease of use I predict we will be seeing a lot more of these devices in homes around the USA.

For Your Health

While TESPO’s dispenser looks amazing and is easy to use the true magic of this brand is in their vitamin mixtures. TESPO only uses the best, purest ingredients sourced from around the globe to provide you with a truly unique, clean vitamin with no added binders, fillers, or whitening agents. Just the pure vitamin powder. Their proprietary vitamin powders come in an insertable cartridge that is placed in the top of the dispensing device. Each cartridge has a 30 day supply of the unique vitamins formulated for you. TESPO currently offers several vitamins types (His and Hers) including a vitamin mixture that is specifically formulated for you based on the results of a short questionnaire. Each morning you simply you go your dispenser, press a button, and small “shot” of all your daily recommended vitamins is ready for your consumption. Their system is so smart, and incredibly easy to use I believe it will be a must have item in the coming years. With consumer health consciousness being higher than ever a clean alternative to vitamins is poised to take the market by storm.

How big is the vitamin and supplement industry?

Monstrous. According to Zion Market research the vitamins and supplement industry will is projected to be worth over $220 Billion dollars by 2022.

Where to Buy?

Currently the best place to buy is their website ( They have an OUTSTANDING offer for customers new to brand. Please see their offer below.

After all the bells and this is an incredible offer I recommend to all my health conscious readers. All together, if you include standard shipping you are looking at an approximately $230 value for $149.

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