Stranded No More.

Instant Car jump starter. Peace of mind for everyone in your family.

Portable Power Supplies

With our continued reliance on smart phones, laptops, and other mobile devices you would think that their battery life would continue to last longer as well. Unfortunately, no matter how new the phone, it seems that our battery life is continuously running low. Portable Power hubs to charge our phones and other devices have become a necessity in our every day life. There are a ton of options in this space to choose from, but at the end of the day you want a product that will truly be able to help you any situation and last forever. Whether it’s your phone, iPad, Laptop, or EVEN your car’s battery my pick today will have you covered.

My Pick – Halo

“The World’s #1 trusted brand for Portable Power.”

Halo is, by far, the leader in the #PortablePower category. From their humble beginnings on QVC over a decade ago they have continuously expanded their assortment and upgraded their technology to keep up with the power demands of the modern consumer. Their first item, a simple phone charger, became a huge hit, and they have expanded their charging selection into a ton of functional items. At the time of writing this post they have 20 different chargers on their website. Each one fills a specific function custom tailored to each customer’s individual needs. My personal recommendations are the Pocket Power line, and the Halo Bolt. The latter being a high powered energy bank that can jump your car battery if you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

Halo Bolt – The Ultimate Piece of Mind

The Halo Bolt is truly an unbelievable piece of charging equipment. There is so much technology packed into this small piece of equipment, and it is completely portable for your every day needs. A fully charged Halo Bolt can hold its charge for up to 2 years and on one charge can jump 50 cars, 38 trucks, 35 Full Size SUV’s, 28 boat engines, or 94 riding lawn mowers. Please read each of these jump start stats as different charges depending on which is relevant to you. Every car, truck, or boat SHOULD have a Halo Bolt stationed in their glove box JUST IN CASE you someone else needs it. For your more everyday charging needs the Halo Bolt has two USB outlets compatible with Samsung and Apple devices, an AC plug, a battery level indicator, and a flashlight. This device is capable of charging your iPhone or Android device several times over. I carry mine in my backpack everywhere I go. This goes double for when I am traveling and outlets are hard to find.

Where to Buy

Currently, the best places to pick up the Halo Bolt and Halo’s other items are their website, Amazon, and QVC. Amazon (, Halo2Cloud (, or QVC (

Currently, as as 12/8/2019, QVC has a great price on Halo Bolt for a limited time. Their live demonstrations truly showcase the power, efficiency, and utility of this great item.

Who to Buy For

If you are a parent the Halo Bolt is a must buy for your kids. The peace of mind you get from knowing your child has a bolt in their car is well worth the price tag. Also, this a great buy for the traveler in your life, or simply someone who always has to charge their phone. Give your loved ones the gift of #PortablePower this season.

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