Warmer. For Longer.

Heated Jackets and Heated Vests. This season’s must have outdoor apparel.

Heated Vests and Heated Jackets

This winter the Heated Apparel Trend, specifically heated jackets and heated vests, have become the must have items this winter. Heated jackets have come a long way in recent years, and are becoming less “manufactured” looking and more stylish. The technology for heated apparel has been around for years now, but has almost been exclusively catered toward those rugged individuals who toil outside in the cold. Brands, such as DeWalt, have owned this space for a while. Their batteries were bulky, and often powered by the same batteries used for their drills and other equipment. Not exactly practical. The new brands taking over today have condensed the size and weight of their batteries into a smaller, more ergonomic design that you barely notice while wearing their products. Of course, their designs and looks have evolved as well. They have moved from more from a Carhartt-esque look to minimalist modern appearance. Their material is of the highest grade as well. Matching even the best apparel companies, such as North Face or Patagonia. Overall, I see this as being a very practical trend that will continue to increase in the coming years and tech and fashion continue to meld.

My Pick – Ororo

Ororo, while a bit newer on the scene, is by far the market leader in my opinion. Named after the popular X-Men hero, Storm, their heated jackets truly let you #ChallengeTheClimate. Ororo’s products are extremely well made, and incredibly durable. Their assortment is vast and includes heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves, heated hoodies, and even a heated parka (Very Canada Goose IMO). Their heated zones are meticulously well placed to offer the maximum levels of comfort and warmth. Plus, with the ability to adjust the heating level the battery will last you up to 10 hours on its lowest setting. Ororo’s fit is amazing too. Their apparel is MADE to be snug so the carbon fiber heating elements lie against your body for maximum heat. To date they have served over 100,000 active customers, and I believe that number will be much higher next year after this year’s record breaking holiday shopping season. Ororo’s reviews on Amazon are amazing. Their Men’s Heated Jacket has almost 650 customer reviews with a 4.5 star rating, which is amazing. This review level speaks volumes about the quality of their heated jackets and vests, which is why they also have an outstanding 3 year warranty.

Where to Buy

Ororo’s heated vests and heated jackets are currently concentrated to E-Commerce. The best places to pick up their heated apparel is either Amazon(https://amzn.to/34ZQQtP) or direct from their website. (http://ororowear.com) With Christmas right around the corner there are tons of deals on their Heated Jackets and Heated Vests. Some items are almost a full 50% off and completely affordable.

My Link to Women’s Collection

Women | Heated Jacket & Vest & Hoodie

My Link to Men’s Collection

Men | Heated Jacket & Vest & Hoodie

Who to Buy For

Honestly, this is such an easy gift for anyone and everyone. With both Men’s and Women’s styles they offer something for everyone. This is ideal for that person you know that seems to always be cold and is always wearing tons of layers. This is great for any outdoor activity. Whether you are skiing the Swiss Alps or tailgating your favorite football team Ororo will help you #ChallengeTheClimate.

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